Private detectives use transcription services when carrying out their investigations

The life of a private detective is usually portrayed in the media as a glamorous one. Unfortunately, driving flash cars, chasing bad guys, and frequenting fancy establishments is not part of the daily routine for most private detectives. Instead their day is usually spent dealing with paperwork or carrying our many tedious hours of surveillance on subjects under suspicion of various misdemeanours.

Client Interviews and Covert Surveillance:

Private detectives work on all kinds of cases. From cheating spouses to insurance investigations, a private detective’s work can be extremely varied. Much of their job involves conducting interviews. For example, a private detective may be hired to investigate workplace issues such as employee compensation claims or some type of fraud. Interviews can be conducted over the telephone or in person. Either way, making a full transcription of the conversation is important in case the investigation culminates in a court hearing. But although both surveillance tapes and interview transcription and is an important task, why is it a good idea to outsource the work instead of spending time transcribing your own audio files?

1. Transcribing is Time Consuming

It takes a lot of time to transcribe one interview. Imagine how long it would take to transcribe several days of interviews conducted in a large workplace. Most investigators simply don’t have the time to spend transcribing interviews. Nor do they usually have the knowhow. Their time is more productively spent out in the field, so the job of transcribing audio files is given to a professional.

2. Accuracy is the Key

Audio transcription can be challenging, particularly when the audio file you are working from contains lots of background noise or there are several people talking at once. A professional transcriptionist is trained to extract the relevant detail from audio files. Therefore, the resultant transcription will be far more accurate than if you do the job yourself.

3. Remove Unnecessary Content

There are two types of transcription service at Alphabet: verbatim and intelligent. If you don’t need every single sniff, cough and repetition noted in the transcript, you can opt for the latter. This will give you a transcription of the recorded conversation, minus any unnecessary content.

4. Court Ready Documents

Witness statements and covert surveillance recordings are often needed as evidence in court cases. A professional transcriptionist will produce a court ready, accurate piece of transcription from your audio recordings. These are produced verbatim, ensuring every utterance is captured.

5. Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is essential, particularly when working on sensitive cases. Should any personal data fall into the wrong hands, the end result could be disastrous. Private detectives use professional transcription services to ensure personal data is protected at all times.

Alphabet is experienced in dealing with all types of interview recordings. Contact us today if you need more information on how we can help your business.