Professionals outsource wisely

Lots of business entities, and other professionals, regularly require transcriptions of meetings, conferences, consultations and other such events.  As a business owner or professional, you basically have two options: ask one of your employees to do it, or outsource it to a professional transcription service. Which would you choose?

Like many business support services, outsourcing transcription tasks makes a lot of sense, depending on the size and nature of your business. But you might be wondering what’s in it for you if you decide to outsource your transcription needs? Or, how can you justify such a move? Well, here are five solid reasons why using a professional transcription service will actually save you money (and time!).

Common sense:

Unless you already have a dedicated transcription department, or staff member who is fully employed in this type of work, training one of your staff to do it costs you time and therefore money! And unless your transcription needs are sufficient to warrant employing a full-time professional transcription expert, the time and money you save by not having to train someone how to do it could be better invested elsewhere.


It’s unlikely that any member of staff who isn’t a transcription professional will be able to produce high quality transcription documents from audio or video recorded material as speedily as outsourcing it to a transcription agency. Again, time is money and if your secretary (or whoever) takes twice as long as a professional transcriptionist that’s money wasted! Your employee could have been working on other core business activities, which, after all, is why they are there, aren’t they?

Staff overheads:

Unless the volume of transcription work warrants a full-time employee dedicated to transcription tasks, you’ll be paying more than necessary for the work to be done. Instead of occupying the time of a valuable employee, who could be concentrating on generating revenue for your business, outsourcing transcription work makes better sense as you only pay for the service as and when you require it – with no unnecessary staff overhead costs.

Equipment costs:

In order to produce professional transcription documents, you’ll have to invest in the purchase, and maintenance, of specialised audio transcription equipment and a variety of software applications. Outsourcing your transcription work, when required, avoids the need to spend on assets which will not be fully utilised.

Hiring flexibility:

Nowadays, the options for outsourcing transcription work are plentiful. This means that you can get exactly what you need, and nothing superfluous. You can outsource by the task, by volume per month, or have a dedicated team available if you have enough transcription work to warrant it. But without the hassle and expense of employee recruitment and selection, training, and accompanying employee costs such as tax, employment benefits, and other additional costs that go with such an appointment.

All-in-all, like many other business services, outsourcing your transcription tasks just makes good business sense. It frees you to concentrate on doing what you do best, and what you should be doing – driving revenue streams, developing clients, and growing your business for the future.

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