An Event Can Be Captured in the Right Way

When a speaker at a conference or event demands attention because they have got an important message or facts to deliver, it is important that they engage with their audience to ensure what they say is memorable. But what if they can’t? What if they bore everyone stiff with mumbled words, a dull, flat tone or keep stopping to refer to their notes? PowerPoint can’t save everyone.

Not all conference speakers or event guests are born entertainers. So many things can go wrong to spoil their moment in the spotlight – and ruin the audience’s chances of taking in the facts they are imparting.

The Weakest Link

A weak or nervous start to a speech can lose an audience’s attention from the off – even if the subject matter is sensational. American Politician Mark Sandford was fighting for his political career when he made a rambling statement to the press that lasted for 18 long minutes. In this case, his rambling may have saved his skin. He was admitting to an affair with an Argentinian woman.

While the press later reflected that he “looked like a teenage boy caught by his parents,” he largely retained his position in politics. The squirming Governor of South Carolina was only forced to resign as Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

What, No Script?

Actors, including Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, have famously been trashed for being poor public speakers. So, even if a conference or event has an A-Lister giving a keynote speech or making an endorsement, there are no guarantees the audience will be wowed.

Journalist Stuart Levine wrote of De Niro, “He really has no idea how to express himself without a script. Watching him being interviewed is like standing in front of a Jake LaMotta punch – incredibly painful.”

Make it Memorable

Thanks to Alphabet Transcription Specialists, even the dullest speakers’ words can be made memorable. So, if you’ve held an event to deliver a message or impart facts to an audience, we can ensure they still get it – minus the mumbling, pauses and overall weak delivery.

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