Academia, a Boost to Cutting Edge Research

Academics who want to develop innovative new technologies can boost their chances of fostering supportive partnerships by recording and transcribing every step of a research project, from inception onwards.

Outlining the aim of a project and demonstrating what it could achieve in multiple formats will make it more accessible and appealing to potential investors. Voice to text transcription is especially beneficial because it can form the basis of media and sponsorship packs.

Education, Education, Education

Many academics looking to forward advances in education, for example, successfully partner with global businesses. Recent success stories include seed funding for a dynamic ed-tech platform, Leverage Edu. Executives from around the world announced they were supporting the India-based start-up initiative on August 2.

Funds raised will be used to develop areas such as artificial intelligence as an aid to machine learning.

Academia and Health

In the UK, NHS England benefits from Academic Health Science Networks which have been set up to meet an anticipated economic boom in life sciences and healthcare. Research conducted by the networks and adopted in the NHS is expected to increase the quality of care for patients.

Academic transcription can support this new alignment of education and clinical research to deliver accurate data that delivers innovations, as well as training and education.

Transcription Aids Alliances

As internal and external networks share best practice, accurate documentation, exchanged at regular intervals between all parties, can support rapid evaluation of research. In turn, successful research can then be adopted at the earliest opportunity.

Alliances, such as those fostered by Academic Health Science Networks, are working towards delivering a step-change in the way public sector healthcare providers identify, develop and adopt innovative new technologies. At the heart of it all is partnerships, with researchers collaborating with the private sector and other external organisations and individuals.

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