Advisory Boards More Valuable in Text Format

The demands of modern business, particularly on SMEs and specialist organisations, including public bodies and charities, have spawned a less expensive but often more insightful alternative to boards of directors – advisory boards. Usually comprising people with expert, sector-specific knowledge, advisory boards provide dynamic, ‘wise counsel’ support in a less formal management structure.

With more flexibility than a board of directors, advisory boards are external, unbiased bodies offering non-binding, strategic advice to managers of corporations, public bodies, charities and other types of organisation.

Supporting Enterprise with Innovation

Advisory boards are becoming more popular, particularly among start-ups and in the public sector, because they support organisations in a variety of ways – from being a resource that provides valuable market insights and expert marketing ideas to managing compliance-related issues and human resources. In fact, the individuals who make up advisory boards are usually experts in their field with sage experience they are willing to share.

That is why entrepreneurs, who do not want to sign away control of their enterprise to a board of directors, often prefer advisory boards. They can benefit from the best advice available without the expense and other disadvantages associated with appointing directors. And they want that advice properly documented for future reference.

Information Worth Documenting

Because advisory boards tend to hold less formal gatherings than boards of directors, ground-breaking advice is regularly passed on during meetings. Often, this information is worth documenting for training, content creation or product and business development purposes. The easiest way to obtain an accurate account of an advisory board meeting is to record it and let professional transcription services turn it into data rich text.

Protocols, pricing structures, media campaigns and training are just a few of the areas text documentation can boost. Professional transcripts often form the basis of website and social media content, new products, improved workflow practices and damage limitation exercises.

Drivers for Efficiency

Knowledge shared at advisory board meetings is often a driver for performance markers. It can aid efficiency and effectiveness, and promote consistency, which is why voice to text documentation is so valuable.

Alphabet Transcription Specialists are experts in the transcription of advisory board meetings and other events. Offering accurate documentation that is delivered securely, Alphabet is helping entrepreneurs and other organisations drive up standards with properly documented expert opinion.

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