Pharmaceutical Studies Go Hand-in-Hand with Transcription Services

When it comes to outsourcing transcription elements of drug development, Alphabet Transcription Specialists works with biopharma, medical device, bio-similar and many other public and private research-related organisations.

Offering a fast, accurate, confidential and secure service, we provide the full range of clinical, commercial and consulting transcriptions – from interviews with clinicians to recordings setting out patient data.

Outsource Transcription

Whether you are at the design stage of a trial or in the throes of a full study, we can provide voice to text data that will add value to your research. Our transcripts are widely used to create content for presentations, further studies and post-market promotion.

Alphabet Transcription Specialists has decades of experience and the right know-how to record expert data that will help researchers make sense of their findings and illustrate them to others.

Specialist Service

Our services have benefited technology and analytic companies working with laboratories to develop new drugs, as well as pharmaceutical companies.

We benefit early drug development by providing documentation that adds worth to a portfolio and can reduce risks by helping researchers highlight potential problems early on.

Cost-effective Backup

By investing in high quality transcriptions, the cost of drug development can be reduced. By providing valuable data quickly, adaptable drug trials can be tweaked to overcome challenges and potentially save millions of pounds – and lives.

Our efficient, accurate service can help pharmaceutical companies bring drugs to market sooner, avoiding pitfalls that can lead to delayed revenues.

Get in Touch

You can find out more about Alphabet Transcription Specialists’ pharmaceutical transcription service by getting in touch. We are always happy to discuss a proposal and tell you more about what we can do for you. Whether you need abstract indicators or subjective results documented, our transcriptions services will deliver documentation that will help clarify and resolve problems in the early stages of a trial.

We understand the complexities of drug development and work with research organisations that run trials around predefined protocols, as well as those involved in the development of early phase trial strategies. We work with organisations large and small, including those working in niche areas such as rare or complex diseases and precision oncology.

We are here for you today because your work will be here for everyone tomorrow. Why not give us a call on +44 (0) 1707 260027. You won’t be disappointed.