This month, at Alphabet, we are celebrating our 18th birthday!

We opened our doors in September 1995 and would never have believed how the business would develop over the years.  Back in the day we dealt with anything from CV compilation to typing up dictated reports.  But due to our continued growth and forward thinking, we have become one of the UK’s most respected transcription services providers.


How Times Have Changed:

In 2006 we developed our internet presence, and over the years our branding has grown, along with our client base.  We no longer have to rely on the ‘once yearly’ directory submissions, and clients have access to our website at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Technology is something to be embraced, and without it our online service would not be possible.  Our clients have the beauty of conducting all their communications with Alphabet at a time and place that is beneficial to them.  They no longer have to worry about catching the last post to ensure their cassettes are delivered to our office, and can upload their recordings without having to leave the comfort of their premises.

Whilst we work virtually, our communication channels remain open and Alphabet’s transcription services offer our clients, transcribers, proof readers and admin personnel flexibility, whilst still remaining at the end of the telephone, if required.

Past and Present:

There have been many highs and lows over the years, too many to mention, but some particular ones that spring to mind are, saying goodbye to one of the most amazing transcribers we have had the pleasure of working with.  She has been sadly missed, but we’re still in contact all these years later and our door is always open, should her circumstances change.

One ‘never forget’ moment was when we were asked to produce the transcripts of a highly classified investigation that was being conducted.  It was splashed all over the internet and everywhere we looked, something was being mentioned.  It was both exciting and rewarding, knowing that our expertise helped in assisting our clients in gaining the desired outcome they were seeking.

We would like to share our thanks and gratitude to those that have made out continued growth a phenomenal success.  The list of people are endless, but particular thanks goes to all our valued clients, our fantastic transcribers and proof readers, our SEO and web development team, and of course, our admin staff that work tirelessly to maintain Alphabet’s extremely high standards.

Thank you one and all and we look forward to celebrating many more years in business in the transcription services industry.