We thought of it first!

Alphabet seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue lately – should we be worried or pleased? When we first heard that Alphabet was the big buzzword in the news, we could hardly believe it – at last, we thought – recognition for the sterling service we have been providing all these years! However, that was short lived, once it was explained that the buzz was actually about another Alphabet, the new holding company which now owns Google, the world’s biggest tech company.

Apparently, Google’s latest move, in part, is to avoid genericization, potential brand dilution due to the common use of the word ‘google’ in various forms in the English language, and to allow the various other brands associated with Google to develop under their own branding. It’s also common knowledge that not everyone sees Google in a positive light, which may affect some of its other commercial activities.

Google’s Alphabet – the ABCs

One headline in the press reported, “In the new Alphabet, Google keeps its capital G,” which is great for them, as for us, we are Alphabet. We were first and we’ll keep our capital A, and all the other letters, not just one, thanks! Google may seem to be into everything these days, but they will never dominate the letters of the alphabet – that’s our domain.

Alphabet – anything but bland

One corporate expert commented in the New York Times that the word Alphabet was too bland to be a brand (referring to Google). Meanwhile, here at (the original) Alphabet, we can happily say that we are anything but bland, or generic, having established our own brand of Alphabet with the many satisfied clients we’ve worked with since we began back in 1995. Yes, Alphabet has been around longer than the big G too – this year we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary, and, as we said in a blog post last March, we were offering top notch transcription services even before Google was everybody’s ‘go to’ resource for grammar, spelling and anything else.

A growing brand (but we don’t want to rule the world!)

Unlike Google, our primary aim is not some form of big data world domination. Our aim is to simply offer the best transcription services for our clients, whether that’s digital, corporate, media, or academic transcription, amongst others. Our goal is always the same – the provision of top class transcription services, tailored to the client’s needs. What’s more, we’re not concerned about brand dilution – we are continually developing and growing our brand along with our clients.

Although Google may have its own Alphabet now (congratulations to them), we are the original Alphabet (well, almost!) and we’re looking forward to another 20 years (or more) of doing what we do best. So why not contact Alphabet with the capital A today, and discover our superior transcription services.