Our Transcription Mentoring Programme for Experienced Transcribers

Since Alphabet’s inception in 1995 we have seen many changes in the transcription industry.  Over the years we have been approached many, many times for tips and assistance on how to run a successful transcription company.  This has led to us designing a Transcription Mentoring Programme, which will commence in January 2013.

This programme is open to individuals who are thinking of starting up a transcription company, or perhaps already operate a small concern and would value some extra tips, or even a transcriptionist who would relish some help to become more proficient and adept.

We have designed the programme to run for six months (January to June 2013), whereby each month the lucky participants will receive a half hour session, on a topic of their choice, concerning transcription.

Any transcriptionist who would like to be considered for Alphabet’s Transcription Mentoring Programme has to meet certain criteria.  There will be five spaces up for grabs, so please make sure you do meet our requirements:

  • Must be an experienced transcriptionist who can touch type.
  • Must already work for a transcription agency or own a transcription business.

All interested transcriptionists must apply for a space on the programme by applying through social media, directly through this blog, or contacting us via our website.

We would like you to state, in no more than 300 words, why you would like to be considered for the programme.  Please include your name, email address, and a contact telephone number.

All five lucky winners will be notified by email, and names will be published on various social media sites.  The closing date for the competition is 30th November 2012 and we will announce the winners before the Christmas holidays.

Alphabet’s Transcription Mentoring Programme is entirely free, but only serious applicants please apply.

Good luck to you all!