A Clinical Negligence Claim Must be Handled with Care

Patients trust medical professionals with their lives and, when undergoing treatment, expect to receive the highest levels of care. Unfortunately, mistakes happen all too often and patients can end up suffering from long-term damage as a result. Pursuing a clinical negligence claim is often a stressful and daunting task.

The impact of clinical negligence can be far-reaching, from a serious deterioration in a patient’s health to permanent disfigurement and, of course, the loss of earnings – not to mention the potential need for ongoing care. Unnecessary treatment or treatment that is bodged because a health professional has been negligent can result in claims for damages, both from the individual and the health care organisation he or she was working for when the alleged negligence occurred.

Speak to a Specialist Solicitor

Alphabet Transcription Specialists, who provides expert audio transcription for solicitors, advises anyone who thinks they may be a victim of clinical negligence to speak to a specialist solicitor as soon as they become aware of a problem.

There are time constraints on a clinical negligence claim and it is important that solicitors, acting on behalf of a claimant, are familiar with clinical procedures and the overall impact any negligence has had on a patient.

Insist on Professional, Impartial Transcription

To bring a successful clinical negligence claim, a claimant and their Solicitor must thoroughly prepare a case, using as much documented evidence that they can gather. This should always include transcription of detailed statements from both the claimant and health professionals. Other essential documentation should include the opinion of independent medical experts and medical records, including copies of scans and x-rays.

Transcription of audio statements should always be prepared by an independent expert, who fully understands medical terminology and can accurately detail the evidence word-for-word.

Build the Strongest Possible Case

Sometimes, it can feel like it is you against the world when bringing a clinical negligence claim against a large organisation, such as a healthcare provider. However, with the right support and good legal representation, backed up by expertly prepared documentation, you will be in a good position to win your case and get your life back on track.

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