Our Transcribers Choose Substance Over Style

If you fluff up your hair and apply a fresh coat of lip gloss before slipping behind your desk, you are either working in a customer facing role or just can’t help wanting to look good. However, you are very unlikely to be a transcriber. Why?

Super sleek hair, teased to perfection, is not likely to stay unruffled for long if you have to wear a specialist headset in order to undertake your work. Transcribers rely on headphones for pin drop sound quality to achieve the highest levels of transcription accuracy. They cannot be too concerned about messed up hair when there is transcribing to be done.

The Alice Cooper Look is Fine

Beauty mishaps happen all the time – to some people more often than others. How many times have you slipped with the mascara brush, over-applied black eyeliner or smudged your eye shadow? You may even be prone to getting lipstick on your teeth. If you work with the public or in a busy environment, this will never do.

However, if you are a transcriber, you can laugh off even the biggest beauty mishaps because nobody will see them – except you. That’s right, most transcribers work alone. Solitude aids concentration and accuracy levels, which are far more important than looks.

Bad Hair Days Are Great

How many times have you attempted to cut your own fringe, washed off hair dye before it has fully taken or left the straighteners to linger that little bit too long on split ends? Even a trip to the hairdressers can end in disaster. These embarrassing beauty errors can take a long time to correct and even cause problems at work.

Transcribers, however, can put hashed hair-dos to the back of their mind. They’ll have plenty of time to correct the error when they finish work, and nobody will poke fun at them, or even notice, in the meantime.

Not Cruella de Vil

Of course, transcribers do have a glamorous side. When they are not listening and transcribing, they could well be a Gigi Hadid look-alike. They are just not overly concerned about hair and make-up while they are working.

So, the next time you receive a document from a transcriber, don’t envisage them as a Cruella de Vil. Instead, picture a well groomed, intelligent free spirit that can certainly dress to impress with the best.

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