Working with your transcription service delivers results

Sometimes transcribing your recordings can be very hard work. This is why transcription services appreciate it when you talk to them in advance and find out how you can help them to help you. Obviously, your transcription service wants you to be happy with their output. Sometimes it’s just difficult to find a way to give recordings the clarity they do not have in the first place, though. Here are some ways to keep us happy.

Speak to Us:

If we understand what you are looking to achieve, we can advise on things like the style of transcription that you will need. It is not purely a case of giving us a recording and hoping for the best. Do you need the recording for legal proceedings? Do you want to know when there’s a pause? Do you need us to make the spoken word make sense when written down without changing what was said? A transcription services job is that much easier if they know exactly what it is that you want in advance. You might get some valuable advice about how to get the best result possible if you do.

Aim for Recording Clarity:

It is obvious that if your audio file is of bad quality your transcription company is going to struggle with converting it to the written word for you. There is a risk that things may be inaccurate or missed if recordings are faint or subject to lots of background noise. Make sure that you have completed a test run first to check for any technical issues. Thinking about things like where you are placing the microphones will also help ensure that you end up with a good recording. If you are in a venue next to a road, next to an open window might not be the best place to put your microphone! If you have any concerns or worries speak to your transcription service or perhaps even send them a sample recorded in the same location and with the same equipment. Advice can then be given on any changes that need to be made to ensure a good quality recording.

Provide Lots of Information:

It always helps your transcription service if you can provide additional information to the actual recording. The names of people who are participating with the correct spellings are always useful. Things like details of the location, and any explanations of particularly technical information are always gratefully received. Copies of written notes made prior to conference speeches or agendas are other examples of things which might assist your transcription service to provide the best work possible. Think ahead about the things that they might need to know.

Dealing with your transcription service is a two-way relationship. You will find that by working together and communicating with each other you can achieve the output that you wanted from the outset. Do not leave things to chance and just hope for the best, you might end up regretting it.

Discuss your options with Alphabet today. We are here to help.