At some point in our lives we may aspire to become a writer

In this article we provide valuable insights into how biographical authors can enrich their content using well-documented material.

A Bit of History:

Alphabet was established back in the day when analogue was commonplace.  Writers used to post or drop off their cassettes and hope for the best.  We’ve worked with some of the most talented and gifted scribes in our time.  But their months spent conducting countless interviews could often lead to poorly captured recordings.

The birth of digital is a godsend.  Compact devices have been developed, making it easier to transport.  If used appropriately, the recording quality is far superior.  Not forgetting, sound files can be uploaded to us from anywhere in the world.  This progress in technology has become particularly useful to our biographical authors.

A Bit of Insight:

Having worked with some of the most respected penmen, attention to detail is a must.  It is imperative the transcription process is highly accurate.  A tiny snippet in a recording could be the ‘jewel in the crown’.  It is not for us, as transcribers, to decide what is and isn’t important on a recording.  After all, our services have been retained to assist an author, not hinder.

When an author receives their transcripts, they spend months reading and rereading the content.  Every person’s life story is unique to them.  The events that have happened in their lives are what make them interesting.  A biographical author may interview dozens of people that have been involved with the individual in some way.  Therefore thorough and painstaking research is key.

We aim to assist a writer by methodically researching the weird and wonderful words we hear.  Whether it be some obscure French painter from the 18th century or a valuable objet d’art, it could be mentioned in the finished book.

A Bit of a Coup:

And finally, the most exciting bit!  It has been a pleasure working with one of the most respected biographical authors that has graced our screens.  Not only has he achieved the Sunday Times Biography of the year award, he is an extremely talented actor and presenter.

It has been both fascinating and pleasurable assisting him with his latest biography, but he is a genuinely nice person to work with.  Take a sneak preview on Ian Kelly’s website and discover a treat to come.

If you would like to join our award winning authors using Alphabet to transcribe your valuable interviews, please do not hesitate to get in touch.