Since people have put quill to parchment, our thoughts and opinions have been expressed by using the written word

We have come a long way over the centuries, where bloggers are in our mind’s eye continually.  Bloggers delight in spreading the written word.  Alphabet delight in transcribing the spoken word.

In this article we explain how the sharing of content has evolved over time.

Sharing of Content:

The internet is a phenomenon that allows us to quickly share our summaries.  We can grab peoples’ attention across the globe at the click of a button.  That is progression for you.  We all have to adapt to the pace of change, otherwise we get left behind.

The sharing of information is a good thing.  Knowledge is key.  But at the same time, bloggers have come to realise an extra pair of hands makes light work.  Not to mention an extra pair of eyes to scrutinise the content.

Sharing by Outsourcing:

Transcription outsourcing has become vital to many bloggers and writers.  They regularly record their articles when something inspires them.  And the convenience of being able to upload any recordings, even on the move, is an added benefit.  Access to our online portal whilst sitting on a train or bus provides great flexibility.

We often receive batches of blogs to transcribe when inspiration strikes.  The mind doesn’t always bring to the fore the gems of an article when you would like.  You may suffer with writer’s block.  So having a quick and easy solution, when you require it, makes all the difference.  Being able to reach for your digital device, day or night, makes a blogger’s job more pleasurable.  Gone are the days of searching for a scrap of paper when you least expect it.

Sharing Incorporates a Win-Win:

It makes no odds whether you write for a living or an organisation that regularly posts fresh content on your website.  We transcribe your recordings in readiness for you to upload at your convenience.  What could be simpler?

Your references are fully researched, so you don’t have to.  Your finished documents are fully proofread, so you don’t have to.  We do the job for you, so you don’t have to.  Three very good reasons why sharing the load is a win-win for bloggers and transcribers worldwide.

Start sharing by contacting the Alphabet Team today.  You’ll be delighted you made the right choice.