If Not, You’re Pretty Average

If you’ve got the attention span of a gnat, you are not cut out to work in transcription services – but neither are you alone. Research conducted in Canada suggests that the average attention span of an internet user, for example, is just 8.25 seconds. That’s unwelcome news for marketers who have to push the same messages multiple times to get them to ‘stick’. Believe it or not, a goldfish has got a longer attention span – a whole nine seconds.

Of course, the attention span of a gnat is actually far less than a human’s – just three to four seconds – but it doesn’t stop the comparison.

It’s Nothing to Do with Age – Most of the Time

There is scientific evidence to suggest that attention spans in healthy people are not linked to age, except among those who are addicted to digital media. Instead, it is all about engagement. It explains why a reluctant gardener can take three hours to mow a patch of grass not much bigger than your average fish pond, yet sit down and watch six episodes of a boxset without taking his or her eyes off the screen.

In the workplace, and transcription is no exception, priorities and projects can often change at a minute’s notice. That is why transcribers must have agile minds and be able to keep pace with customer demands, while retaining a high attention span.

Millennials and the Mobile Revolution

A report which suggested Millennials have an attention span of 90 seconds has been discounted as harsh by many top employers. However, the Canadian research, which included studies of brain activity, found the average attention span of a human dropped at the precise moment everybody decided they had to have a mobile phone.

In its conclusions, it pointed to heavy use of latest technology – something Millennials have almost grown up doing. The report said, “Heavy multi-screeners find it difficult to filter out irrelevant stimuli – they are more easily distracted by multiple streams of data.” Up to 77% of 18 to 24-year-olds are likely to reach for their phone if they find themselves with nothing to do. By comparison, just 10% of over 65s would reach for their phone.

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* Research: Microsoft Corp