Discover a simple solution!

Maybe you’re a vlogger, podcaster or produce lots of video content for your customers or clients. But how can you really maximise this type of content to attract more traffic to your website?

The answer is simple – transcripts!

SEO benefits of transcriptions

If part of your online business strategy is optimising your website for increased traffic (and hopefully conversions to sales) then using transcripts of your videos or podcasts should be a priority. Why? Because transcripts can have a seriously positive impact on SEO, and greatly improve your site’s performance in search results.

The nitty-gritty (how it works)

Here’s how. Let’s take podcasts as an example. Normally uploaded in MP3 audio format, no matter the amount of keywords you stuff into the description box or tags you apply, search spiders crawling your site to index content simply cannot see what’s in the audio file. They can’t hear the amazing content you’ve produced in order to index it for SERPS. You might think that the metadata included with the podcast is enough, but even this is less important in search engines such as Google than it was in the past.

But when you include a transcription of your posted audio content – you’re providing exactly what Google is looking for – content that is unique and in text format, which can be crawled, indexed and also provides a rich environment in which you can insert backlinks as an additional SEO benefit. This adds real value to any podcast page on your site.

Making the most of G-Power

While there are plenty of platforms to submit your podcasts to, such as iTunes and specialist search engines for podcasts, Google is the number one search resource. Simply posting an MP3 audio file doesn’t make the most of Google’s power to drive traffic to your site. Optimising your content for them should be a priority if you’re targeting increased traffic for your website.

I know, you’re already sold on the idea. It’s basically the same scenario for videos, sure you can add keyword tags and write brief descriptions, but Google’s indexing spiders can’t see your video, so they won’t rank it as important. But add in a transcript with the video and it’s a whole new ballgame!

Great! But how much time will it take?

Now you may already be thinking “But I don’t have any time to transcribe all the audio and video content on my site!” Well, the good news is, you don’t have to. You can get your video transcription and podcast transcription carried out by experts, to produce high quality text-rich content which can be added to your site. After all, you probably employed a web designer to design your site, and maybe someone to run your PPC ad campaign, so outsource your transcription work too. You might even want to consider making these transcripts available as downloadable PDFs for your audience, for even more added value.

Transcription specialists are dedicated to converting audio and video files into accurate text transcripts. So consider incorporating transcripts as part of your website SEO strategy from now on. You could even apply it retroactively to existing audio and video content on your site for maximum benefit.