Transcription services should be incorporated in your business

There are many services a business uses that operate within strict parameters. For example, if you book an audio visual company to ensure the technology is in place for when your keynote speaker and guests make their speeches at a conference or networking event, you don’t expect them to actually write the speeches or provide the refreshments on the day. Transcription services have many uses and there is a lot of crossover between different sectors where transcription can be applied.

Transcription is useful in so many different sectors:

There are many different facets to transcription and as a client, it is important that you fully understand the complexities of a transcription service. A lot of businesses don’t understand exactly what a transcriptionist is and therefore dismiss the service as ‘irrelevant’ to their niche. But this is not the case and no matter what area you operate in, there is plenty of scope for us to provide a useful service to you and your team.

How the crossover works:

A good example of how the crossover between different sectors works is to look at legal transcription. At first glance, you would probably assume that legal transcription involves PACE interviews or court work. Or in other words, working with solicitors, barristers and law enforcement professionals. But in fact legal transcription actually crosses over into a number of other arenas.

To illustrate this, we may be required to transcribe an audio recording of a disciplinary meeting at corporate level. We may also be asked to transcribe a covert surveillance recording as part of a local authority investigation into an individual who has claimed significant amounts of housing or council tax benefit. Legal transcription can also cross over into many other sectors, including media, finance and pharmaceutical transcription. So you can see that ‘legal’ transcription is not as clear-cut as it first appears.

We can help your business:

Many businesses make good use of a skilled transcription service. Creating a written record of verbal conversations is something that can be of enormous value in a million different scenarios. From boardrooms to research laboratories, recordkeeping is something all businesses have to do in order to stay compliant. Digital recordings of meetings and informal discussions provide a useful account, but a verbatim transcript created from the audio is more helpful, especially if you need to distribute the information to numerous recipients and your clients.

The key point to take away from this article is that a skilled transcription service can be useful in whatever niche or area you operate in. So do not assume that because transcription is used in one particular area that it won’t be of any relevance to your specific business. We can work with all kinds of audio files and produce transcripts of everything that was said, quickly and accurately.

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