Let Our Transcribers Take the Strain

If you’ve just broken a fingernail, after spending a small fortune on false ones, don’t rush to your Solicitor. You broke the nail, not the nail technician, and you are the person with the duty of care. Clinical negligence is an entirely different matter, involving only medical treatment and care.

Any breach by a medical professional, in their duty of care to a patient, can have serious and long-lasting consequences. That is why many go on to claim compensation through the courts. Part of the process of preparing an evidence-based case for compensation is the transcription of interviews with claimants, independent medical experts and the healthcare practitioners involved.

Range of Claims

Alphabet Transcription Specialists have been helping Solicitors prepare accurate audio transcriptions for more than two decades. In that time, our expert team has prepared documentation to support every kind of medical mishap – from dental extractions that have gone wrong to claims involving unnecessary procedures.

Whatever the circumstances that led to the claim, our aim is to produce the highest quality documentation to help the claimant and his or her representative get the quickest and best result. More than 95% of claims against the NHS, for example, are settled out of court. This reduces stress and helps claimants get on with their lives.

It is Not About Punishing Medics

When preparing voice-to-text documentation for clinical negligence claims, professional transcribers are always focused on accuracy. The aim of any clinical negligence claim is to get recognition for the suffering a claimant has endured as a result of a breach in duty of care. It is also important that any financial loss the claimant has suffered, as a result of the negligence, is taken into account.

It isn’t about receiving apologies or punishing medical practitioners. It is about compensating claimants for what they have gone through.

Need Transcription for a Clinical Negligence Claim?

Alphabet Transcription Services work closely with Solicitors to prepare the most accurate and high-quality audio transcriptions. If you are interested in transcription services for a clinical negligence claim, contact Alphabet on +44 (0) 1707 260027, in complete confidence.