Conference Calls with a Twist

Conferences play a pivotal role in business, education and health globally. Without them, new ideas would be harder to share and the next generation of alpha leaders left in the dark. But conferences, including conference calls, don’t always go to plan – as these examples demonstrate.

The Mexican Wave

At the beginning of 2016, a worker in the New York office of a multinational company was tasked with setting up videoconferencing equipment for an important meeting with colleagues in Seoul. He was still fine tuning the equipment when a large screen suddenly flicked on and linked New York with the company’s office in Mexico.

The South American office was, at that time, closed for renovation. What delegates saw was “a bunch of construction workers lounging around the big table, eating and drinking beers”. The worker righted his wrong by switching on equipment the other end and blasting the skiving builders with a few choice words in Spanish – something that, apparently, took the Mexicans by complete surprise.

What a Rat

An American, sent to Gurgaon, India, to oversee the completion of a building project, was scheduled to spend part of a night on conference calls when his timetable was rudely interrupted – by a ‘dog-sized rat’. It attacked him the moment he entered his hotel room and he reacted by kicking it. The rat hit a wall, slid to the floor, leaving a bloody stain, before limping under his bed.

The businessman complained and, after much protestation, was eventually offered another room. During the wait, he emailed his boss, saying, “There is a large rat in my room. I think I have killed it, but don’t want to take the call in the room if it is just stunned. Will find a quiet place and dial in a little late.”

His boss forwarded the email to everyone on the conference call.

The Naked Truth

A company using WebEx, a conference call system that includes a video feature if required, scheduled a voice only conference call that included its project manager. She was working from home that day and accidentally pressed the camera button. Nobody else was on camera, but decided to look at her anyway.

One of her colleagues explained, “There she sits – hair in a towel, no make-up, wearing a ‘spouse beater’ and no bra. Literally, she just rolled out of bed and fired up the status call.”

Get it Right

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