Corporate events transcribed by experts

Conferences and large corporate events can be chaotic affairs, no matter how well they are organised. When you have dozens of speakers giving lengthy presentations over several days, there is no way that your delegates will be able to remember every last spoken word.

Add into the mix lots of question and answer or brainstorming sessions and it isn’t difficult to work out that securing a full transcription of the event could be an excellent idea. After all, do you really want to miss out on some vital material just because your pen ran out halfway through the keynote speaker’s address?

Provide an Extra Service for your Clients:

When staging important corporate events for key clients it is vital that everything is managed as smoothly as possible. One way of ensuring your event is a success is to provide a transcript of the proceedings. Clients are likely to appreciate this attention to detail and it will serve to reinforce the point that your company is worth doing business with.

Why Bother Transcribing a Corporate Event?

Not everyone who attends corporate events is going to spend each and every session listening with avid interest. Lots of things can conspire to cause a loss of concentration, no matter how interesting and informative the speaker happens to be. For example, perhaps an attendee is feeling unwell and has to depart early, or maybe they are unavoidably delayed on the first day and end up missing some key sessions. Either way, a post-event transcript will come in very useful, particularly if the sessions contained important information about new products or key industry developments.

Webcast Transcription:

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it is becoming increasingly common for corporate events to take place online. However, the fact that your event is taking place via an online presentation will not stop you obtaining a transcription of the proceedings. This will ensure nobody misses out because of a bad internet connection.

Accuracy is Essential:

Even if your corporate event or conference is on for one day only, there are likely to be several speakers. If the event goes on for two or three days then there will be many hours of audio recording to transcribe.

Hiring a professional transcription company is very important. Low budget transcription companies might not bother taking the extra time to research the subject matter or produce a sloppy text that is full of errors. Imagine how embarrassing it will be if you subsequently send out a transcription of the key speakers to everyone who attended the event and important names or references are completely wrong.

If you have an important event planned in the near future and would like to give your delegates the opportunity to read the keynote speeches after the event, contact Alphabet for more information about our Corporate Transcription Services.