Choose masters in transcription when dealing with covert recordings

Transcription services can cover a wide remit of responsibility. They can cover anything from conference speeches and medical transcription to press conferences or podcasts. There is a lot of variety and it is definitely a service that is much in demand these days. One of the most complicated, yet most rewarding of all the transcription services, is covert transcription. This is also not something to be taken on lightly.

What is Covert Transcription?

Covert Transcription applies to the world of law and is used to provide evidence in many scenarios requiring court-ready documentation. Although it can be anyone who needs a covert recording transcribed for a legal case or dispute, it tends to be the police, solicitors, large corporate companies and local authorities who rely on highly trained professional transcribers to provide what they need to build their case. Covert transcription is also known as hidden mic transcription due to the fact that the recording devices are hidden away during the event or conversation in question. Once the recording has been made, it is the job of diligent transcribers to make sense of the recording and produce a verbatim transcription, which can then be used to support the recording during legal proceedings.

The Importance of Quality:

Everyone knows how important one piece of evidence can be in any legal proceeding. The transcription that is provided by a transcription service can affect the outcome. Transcribers who provide this service are deeply aware of this and therefore take huge pride in providing a service that is second to none. Hours will be spent listening to covert recordings, understanding and taking on every nuance and detail so that nothing is missed or wrongly interpreted. Covert transcription is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. For that reason the transcriber who takes it on must be a master in this field.

Experience Counts:

All of this is why, when it comes to covert transcription, only the most experienced and professional transcribers need apply. It is a role that requires deep trust and carries great responsibilities. Anyone in this line of work also knows the importance of confidentiality and sensitivity. It can sometimes be hard listening to some of these recordings and it is important to keep a level head and be able to pick up all of the detail that is there through repeated listening. It can be time consuming and often frustrating as covert recordings can be distorted and have lots of background noise, but patience and experience always win at the end of the day.

Knowing that they have provided an exact transcription that can help someone is reward enough for a professional transcriber. They will tell you that it is often the most interesting work too.

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