Received Negligent Financial Advice and Unsure Where to Turn?

Pension scams are now so widespread that specialist solicitors are handling claims for compensation. If you have lost money as a result of negligent or inadequate pension or investment advice, you should contact a solicitor and discuss your options.

Losing all or part of your pension pot, something you have been contributing to for years, can be devastating. The realisation that you won’t be able to achieve your retirement dreams or live comfortably in old age can leave you feeling insecure and like life isn’t worth living.

How Do People Fall Victim to Pension Scams?

Alphabet Transcription Specialists provides expert transcription services to law firms representing pension scam victims. Many people don’t realise they are a victim of pension fraud until it is too late. Quite often, they have been recommended to move their pension pot from a safe occupational scheme to a fraudulent or riskier scheme.

It is important that anyone considering a change in their pension arrangements seeks independent advice from a reliable source before making any decision.

Recouping Losses

If a good pension is transferred into a high-risk SIPP investment scheme, unregulated investments or falls victim to a fraudulent pension scheme, you need to speak to a specialist. You should also speak to a solicitor if you believe you have been mis-sold annuities. Find a law firm that knows the Financial Conduct Authority guidelines inside out and tell them what has happened.

A good solicitor will take a close look at the advice you received and be able to tell you if you can make a claim. Specialists will have successfully claimed against wealth managers, fund managers and stockbrokers.

Making a Successful Claim

Documentation of interviews with victims who have received negligent financial advice, as well as any witnesses and those involved in a fraud, form an important part of a successful claim. That is why specialist law firms engage Alphabet Transcription Specialists to turn audio recordings into accurate, high-quality and well-formatted documents that can be used in litigation.

If you are a specialist solicitor and want to improve the quality of your transcriptions, talk to Alphabet, in confidence, on +44 (0) 1707 260027.