Capture the defining moment of your keynote speakers

A keynote address is one of the defining moments of a conference. The keynote speaker ideally should set the tone for the rest of the event. If you manage to hire the right individual, he or she is the one person everyone will be there to hear.

Obviously it might not be possible to persuade a captain of industry or leading politician to give the keynote presentation. But whoever you manage to hire, it will be extremely useful to have their speech transcribed after the event. That way you can let conference attendees have a copy of the speech to digest at their leisure. You can even publish the speech if you choose.

High Quality Digital Recordings:

It is very difficult to accurately transcribe a keynote presentation when the sound quality of the recording is abysmal. It is even worse if your preferred keynote speaker cannot attend at the last possible moment and you end up with a replacement speaker who mumbles and coughs his way through 90 minutes of impenetrable scientific mumbo-jumbo. But irrespective of who you recruit, make sure you choose an audio visual recording company with the technology to produce high quality sound recordings of the event. For large conferences, it is likely that the venue will include in-house audio visual services, but if they don’t ask if there is anyone they can recommend. It is imperative you include the right preparation beforehand.

Intelligent Editing of the Speech:

Intelligent transcription is the preferred style of Alphabet when capturing your keynote speakers. All public speakers tend to have their own style, so it is important to retain this when transcribing a keynote speech. However, public speakers often have a habit of cluttering up the important stuff with ‘filler words’ or repetitive phrases. Intelligent editing of a digital recording removes these whilst leaving everything else intact. This includes speech contractions and any quirky phrases the speaker may have included in their presentation.

Ideally what you should end up with is a word for word transcription of the keynote address, minus repetition, and anything else that doesn’t add to the transcript. Bear in mind, though, that in the unlikely event your keynote speaker is a human rights activist with a colourful turn of phrase, the transcribed speech may be a lot shorter than the original recording!

Everything, Including the Ums and Errs:

It may be that you decide you want a complete verbatim transcription of the keynote address. In this instance, everything, from repetition and dialect patterns to coughing fits and snorts of laughter, will be included. It might not add much to the finished transcription, though, unless your human rights activist has a fine line in interesting expletives.

Once you have decided upon your keynote speaker, why not book Alphabet’s Corporate Transcription Services to ensure you capture their words on paper.