Learn to work smarter

When you hear the word ‘delegation’ mentioned, do you immediately embrace the thought? Or do you flinch and instantly reject the idea of entrusting someone else to carry out a task you could easily do yourself?

We have all been there

Too much to do and not enough hours in the day. But if you want your business to expand, whether it’s large or small, delegation is crucial for growth. All companies have to incorporate delegation into their working lives at some point. Whether it is on a tiny scale by outsourcing some basic printing requirements. Or you are in charge of multiple teams spread out across the country, the need for delegation is always there.

If you embrace the idea wholeheartedly, you will be surprised at how quickly a weight can be lifted off your shoulders. We are not masters at everything. It’s physically impossible. It doesn’t matter if you are the most organised and dedicated person, at the end of the day you only have one pair of hands.

Think of the bigger picture

By taking a little time to source the ‘right’ person or company to assist you, the benefits will be tenfold. A good example of this is delegation of your voice recordings to a suitable transcription services provider. Ask yourself the question, do I have time to transcribe these interviews? Do my staff have the right equipment and experience to produce a transcript of our annual conference?

In most instances, the answer will be ‘no’. Why waste their skills and cause unnecessary frustration to yourself? Look for a highly skilled team where you can outsource with confidence. One way of ensuring you have instantly found the right company is if they have a guide that you can quickly download.

Your solution

Here at Alphabet we have compiled such a document. This is available on our website at the click of a button. We explain what to look for when sourcing a suitable transcription services company. It is free and explains, step-by-step, how the transcription process should work. Your mind is instantly put at ease knowing your questions have been answered. You can then start implementing this strategy into other areas of your business where you can use delegation to increase your growth.

Any business can prosper by successfully incorporating delegation into their everyday working lives. Don’t be stifled, but embrace the concept completely.

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