Why publishers and transcribers become best friends

When we think about writers or publishers we tend to think about people sat at laptops or with pen and paper working into the wee small hours and forgetting to eat or sleep. It is often the case, though, that a writer’s thoughts are recorded as they create their masterpieces. The audio file then needs transcribing by someone. This is where publishers rely on a professional transcription service.

Saving Time and Money:

The publishing business is one filled with deadlines and time constraints. This means that a publishing house does not have the spare time to spend typing up audio files of its writers’ books. It is far better to have a trusted and efficient transcription service that will do it for them. This means that they can concentrate on the business of marketing and publishing instead. Being able to prioritise their business needs appropriately allows a good publisher to do the important work of publishing more books. Having a transcription service that understands a publisher’s needs can make all the difference to the success of a publisher.

Efficiency and Accuracy Are Key:

When transcribing for publishers it is vital that items are turned around as quickly and efficiently as possible. Any good transcription service understands this and will work with a publisher to ensure that timescales and deadlines are understood. It is also important that the writer’s thoughts are transcribed accurately so that their vision is put to paper in exactly the way that was intended. This means that experienced transcribers are needed to listen to the files and transfer them correctly. The relationship between a publisher and transcription service, when it is good, allows writers to write great literature faster.

Confidentiality and Security Abound:

Any good transcription service will be able to provide a confidential and secure service to their publishers. We know that it is very important that works in progress be kept under wraps. This means that all uploads should be done via a secure service. Completed transcripts should always be returned by the same secure service. Being able to trust your transcription service is hugely important to publishers. This is part of being an experienced and professional transcriber. There are a lot of things that we hear which we understand to be of a confidential or sensitive nature. Keeping these safe and secure is something we pride ourselves on. It is after all a relationship of trust.

Without transcribers publishing houses would have an awful lot more work to do. You will find that good publishing houses have excellent relationships with a transcription service that they have been with for many years.

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