It’s your choice!

Alphabet will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in the summer of 2015. When we opened our doors in 1995, dictionaries were our first port of call to find a correct spelling. Google is now our dictionary, thesaurus, reference library and all round knowledge base. In 20 years technology has raced ahead in leaps and bounds. Outsourcing and virtual services weren’t recognised as they are today.

Outsourcing should be a good thing if you make the right choice

Ask yourself the question, does accuracy count in transcription? Most people will respond with a ‘yes.’ It would be a strange individual who didn’t consider accuracy when selecting a transcription company. After all, what is the point of receiving your transcript if it is littered with errors? If you went to the hairdressers, you wouldn’t expect the left side to be shorter or longer than the right. Or would you?

It isn’t a joke

Transcription companies charge by the recorded minute. There are odd exceptions to the rule, but this is the general standard in the industry. We employ transcribers and proof readers to produce our transcripts. The same with any industry, you expect to be paid for any work that you do. Our staff also expect to be paid, and there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Do not expect something for nothing

Now for the wakeup call. If you want and expect accuracy in transcription, you will have to pay for it. If you pay a really cheap rate, you will receive a bad service. It’s not rocket science. How can any company pay their transcribers and proof readers and still make a profit? Therefore, if you want something decent, be sensible and pay accordingly.

What you should be paying for

We have outlined what you will receive by opting for the cheap option. Now we will provide you with the means to go and source the right transcription company. Listening appropriately, researching adequately, and proof reading diligently all takes time. This is what you’re paying for. We can guarantee you will not receive all three of these tasks when choosing the cheap option. Something has to give if you always go for the cheap alternative. If you have to wait a day or two extra to receive an accurate account of your recording, isn’t it worth it?

If you would like to talk to a company where accuracy does count in transcription, please call +44 (0) 1707 260027. We’re here to help.