How we make a media company’s workload easy

As with any business, the world of media is fast and cut-throat. Time is money and it is important to spend as much of that time as possible prioritising the important things. This is where outsourcing is important to TV production companies. Having a trusted source that can handle all of those transcriptions and be capable of providing a good quality, efficient service is vital.

What is Media Transcription?

It is basically the act of converting filmed or recorded films, documentaries, radio recordings, shows, events, interviews or podcasts into text. It covers a whole spectrum of needs. Any TV production or media company that wants to succeed will need good quality transcribers to provide them with accurate transcriptions quickly and without worrying about security or confidentiality. Media companies cannot afford to spend hours of their time transcribing their content. This is why outsourcing this important task is so important. It means that some pressure is eased and that deadlines can be met.

Understanding the Business:

A good transcription service which undertakes this type of work understands the needs of the industry that they are working for. There is a lot of technical jargon that TV production and media companies use. It is important to have experience and understanding of this, enabling transcribers to listen to the recordings and know precisely what it is they are listening to. An experienced media transcriber knows about the importance of things like time stamps, for editing purposes, and the difference between a structured documentary and an unstructured reality TV show. It is important to discuss your needs with the team completing your transcription so that they can understand any specific technical requirements that you may have.

Feeling the Nuances:

When transcribing a film or show it is sometimes necessary to give a feeling of atmosphere or the environment. An experienced media transcriber knows how to provide these in transcripts so that none of the depth is lost in the transcription process. It will be a factual transcription, but include everything that you need someone reading it to be aware of without losing anything in the translation. This is an important skill and one that all of our experienced transcribers are able to offer.

Transcription is a service that all TV production companies should be taking full advantage of, so why not give us a call today on +44 (0) 1707 260027.