Supreme Court Decision Means it is Now Easier for Workers to Take Employers to a Tribunal

Four years after the Government introduced fees for those bringing employment tribunal claims, the Supreme Court has reversed the ruling. The landmark decision, announced on Wednesday, July 26, follows a campaign led by trade union UNISON, which argued the cost of bringing a claim denied workers the chance to access justice.

The Government has already started making plans to repay some £32 million to claimants after the Supreme Court ruled it had acted ‘unlawfully and unconstitutionally’ when it introduced fees of up to £1,200 per claim.

Dominic Raab, Justice Minister, told reporters after the ruling that the Government would cease taking fees “immediately”.

Claims Set to Rise

While the TUC was quick to hail the ruling a ‘big win’ for workers, employers were still taking on board the implications of the decision. Before fees were introduced in 2013, more than 7,000 cases went to employment tribunals. Last year that figure had dropped to just 1,500.

Figures are now set to rise again, with more businesses likely to see employment claims cases go to tribunal, meaning greater care and attention to detail is needed at every stage of a dispute with a worker. Transcription specialists are poised to play a vital role in helping employers defend weak or spurious claims – made by the very type of claimants the Government hoped fees would deter.

Indisputable Evidence

Without fees to pay, any worker can now make a claim against an employer without having to first consider the financial impact. Many disgruntled workers may consider ‘it’s worth a try’.

Given the huge costs involved in defending a claim, and the financial implications of losing, responsible employers will be looking at ways they can tighten their disciplinary and grievance procedures to provide accurate records of any disputes.

Transcriptions Services Can Help

Transcription services, such as those provided by Alphabet Transcription Specialists, are primed to play a vital role in the claims process – by providing accurate, timely and detailed voice to text documentation that can be used effectively and with confidence to defend weak cases. Sometimes, they can even keep you out of court altogether.

Our transcription service provides professional documentation that accurately records what is said in recorded meetings and other, dispute-related situations.

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