What does your brand image say about you?

Public image is everything. Politicians are well aware of this, and so are those who are constantly in the public eye – from celebrities to sports figures, among others. But the same holds true for business organisations. Presenting a good brand image is crucial, especially in this day and age where one wrong move and one wrong message can spread like wildfire in hours, thanks to the Internet and social media.

This being said, the following are several ways in which you can improve your brand image and identity:

Make a good first impression:

Yes, you might say that this is already a given. But we’d like to stress it even further. Making a good first impression is crucial because it can foster a continuous working relationship with your customers, and, of course, it can attract new customers to your brand. So the next question is how do you do this? First, by presenting a professional front. You need to impart a message that you are an authority figure in whatever niche you are in. Start with your website. Is it attractive and user-friendly? Does it give the right information about your company without coming across as boring and dull? When visitors see it for the first time, will they be interested enough to stay on and learn more? For this, you need to think like your customer.

If you are launching a marketing campaign or releasing new corporate videos to prospective clients, for instance, it needs to be done professionally. Your instructional videos can be enhanced with transcription, for instance, so that customers can have a clearer understanding of your message.

Know what type of emotion you are selling:

Customers will always be driven by emotions. In this regard, it is important for you to know from the beginning what your customers expect. You don’t just have to look good – you also have to reel your customers in by playing on their positive emotions. How do you make them feel? If you are in the medical field, for example, your customers are looking for reassurance, trust, reliability, and safety. In other fields, customers are seeking stability, strength, and solidity, among others. Knowing what emotions you are selling to your customers can go a long way in enhancing, and solidifying, your brand image.

Be big, bold, and fearless:

Again, this could very well be the motto of many businesses today. But being big, bold, and fearless doesn’t necessarily mean you should take big risks. It also means presenting yourself in such a way that you can appear bigger than you are. Let us explain: even if you are just starting out, you can make it seem as if you have been in the industry for years. It’s all in the way you present and make use of your authority. And whilst you may think that you are deceiving your customers by letting them think you are bigger than you are, it’s not like this at all. You are simply making them feel that they can put their trust in you by imparting a message that you are able to handle any job or project. One way to be big, bold, and fearless is by creating your own brochures and enhancing your digital marketing strategies with creative corporate and product videos.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being confident – confident of what you can give to your customers, and knowing what they are looking for as well. And if you take the right steps, you can enjoy the full benefits of a much improved brand image for years to come.

Take a look at your brand image today.