Applied Research and its Many Uses

Applied research is helping multinational corporations, as well as other organisations – from coffee shop chains to superstores – find solutions to immediate problems. Unlike basic research, applied research is tailored to meet objectives set by a business or other body. For this reason, applied research is usually validated externally.

Because any research must be validated, it is important that every aspect is properly documented, including collated data, interviews and meetings.

Transcribing Solutions

Transcription services are helping businesses validate applied research programmes by providing comprehensive, accurate documentation from voice recordings.

Applied research is extensively used by major supermarket chains, hotels, marketing agencies – the list is endless.

Why Applied Research?

Taking experimental ideas, or elements of research, and applying them to a problem can help a business or organisation find the best answers to immediate issues.

For example, applied research has been used by supermarkets in studies to gauge ways of improving customer loyalty. A leading hotel chain used applied research to find ways to boost employee motivation. And a coffee shop business used it to cut global supply chain costs.

Clear Goals

Any form of applied research will have clearly set out goals from the very beginning. The research criteria will include things like:

• The research processes.
• Selection of the research area.
• Research philosophy.
• Research approach and design.
• Methods of data collection.
• Data analysis and sampling.

Because applied research is goal orientated, results must be evaluated at regular intervals to keep a study on track. Without checks, a study can lose focus and waste valuable time and money.

Keeping it Simple

In the cases of improving brand or customer loyalty and staff motivation, recorded interviews give researchers quick access to valuable information. When used in the research area, such recordings can test the approach and design of a study – vital to finding the correct solution to the problem.

Voice recordings are less intrusive than some alternatives and are unlikely to inhibit responses or ‘blur’ data.

Professional transcription services will convert information into data that can be used in the validation process of a study.

Keeping it Professional

Whether you want to find ways to encourage customers to keep coming back or give your staff the power to be more motivated at work, applied science can help.

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