Financial Services Transcription Assistance

The financial services industry often deals with complex information.  Many of us do not understand the technical jargon that is used.  People have to pay attention to detail and be accurate in their reporting.  This is where Alphabet can assist.

Attention to Detail

Whether you attend or hold monthly financial services forums or conferences, take the pressure off by obtaining accurate transcripts.  No doubt these events have been recorded, as is commonplace today, so make use of the material.  There is nothing better than seeing complex figures in print, helping you to digest the content more easily.

Researched Appropriately

It doesn’t matter whether CAPEX and OPEX or fin re is mentioned your industry specific terminology needs to be correct.  We know a strong financial services sector is critical to the success of the UK economy, and likewise, a good transcription service is required for proper document production.

Take the Guesswork out of Financial Services Transcription

Why settle for phonetically spelt words and acronyms.  You don’t have to.  You can take the guesswork out of deciding whether your transcripts will be delivered to a high standard.  All you have to do is sit back and read the content.  You will feel safe in the knowledge that you can concentrate on your reporting or analyses without incorporating misinformation.  What else could be better?

Your Suitable Partner

We have just celebrated our 21st birthday here at Alphabet.  This should instil some confidence that you are dealing with a top-notch financial transcription service partner.  Our longevity in the industry has seen many companies come and go.  But we are still considered the ‘expert’ in the field of transcription.

Make a wise choice and contact us today on +44 (01707) 260027.  Security, accuracy, reliability, value for money is not always easy to find in one company.  You won’t be disappointed.