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Capturing Every Detail For The Evaluation Of Physical Evidence

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Court-Ready Forensic Science Transcription

At Alphabet Transcription Specialists, we understand the importance of forensic science transcription. This critical field utilises a number of disciplines to evaluate physical evidence. They include biology, chemistry and physics. Recognising and assessing that evidence requires meticulous attention to detail. Our forensic science transcription plays a crucial role in criminal and civil investigations.

Court-ready forensic science transcription brings the facts into focus. It accurately documents observations and evidence. A wide range of professionals use our forensic science transcription service. They include:



Private forensic science laboratories


Law enforcement agencies

Health organisations

Large corporates

The information we transcribe is used in the criminal courts. It is also important in paternity cases and clinical negligence claims.

Forensic scientists carry out their work impartially. Do you think forensics is all about solving murders and heists? You’ve been watching too many episodes of Medical Detectives. Digital forensics is revolutionising the detection of crime. It is uncovering online fraud and complex financial crimes. Forensic science transcription documents scientific facts first recorded on a sound file.

Advantages of Having Forensic Evidence Transcribed

The integrity of evidence relies on quality. Audio, video and transcription reports must be to the highest standard. Our court-ready forensic science transcription accurately documents the content of an audio file. It makes the information more accessible. Courts and legal professionals find our transcripts extremely beneficial. This is because recordings can be hard to decipher or take too long to listen to.

Having evidence in a written format allows the facts to speak for themselves. Our forensic science transcription service is completely confidential. It saves experts’ time and makes the delivery of evidence straightforward.

Our highly-trained transcribers turn the spoken word into the written word. They ensure you can build forensic evidence into your case. Need to capture every utterance? No problem! We provide a verbatim forensic science transcription service for those who need it.

“Our clients trust us to document every word spoken in finite detail and in context.”

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Why Trust Us With Your Forensic Transcription?

We have been supplying superior forensic science transcription for over two decades. Our transcription specialists understand the language used by scientists. They don’t reply on phonetics to spell words – they already know and understand them. That is because we value research. We use it ourselves to stay up to date with the latest advancements in forensic science.

Our clients trust us to document every word spoken in finite detail and in context. We chronicle the facts our competitors can miss. What’s more, our service is completely confidential and secure. We care about our clients’ privacy. That is why all files and correspondence benefit from military grade encryption.

Accuracy is key in the evaluation of evidence. We save you time by ensuring every transcript is checked before you receive it. Specialist proof readers ensure you receive high-quality documents. Time is important. We project manage cases to lighten your load.

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Are you interested in using our forensic transcription service? It is easy to open an account with us. Simply contact us here or call us on 01707 260027. Tell us about your requirements and we will respond with a quotation. If you decide to proceed, we will set you up an account. We provide you with login details for your secure area in our online portal. Once you have logged in, upload your sound files and leave the rest to us. It is that easy.
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How Do I Start Using Your Transcription Services?

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After we have set up your account, you can log into your private area in our online portal from the homepage. This is where you’ll securely upload and send us your digital audio files for transcription. You can also send any accompanying documentation or presentations.

We will keep you in the loop at every stage of the process. You will receive automatic notifications to let you know your uploads have been successful, and when the audio transcripts are complete and ready to collect.

We only take payment after the transcription of your sound file is complete if you’re a business client. When your audio recording has been transcribed, we will send you an invoice.

You’ll receive it online via your email address or in your client folder, if that’s your preference. For those who require ongoing transcribing or typing work, we issue invoices on a rolling basis. Unless you have a credit facility, payment is due immediately. We accept many forms of secure payment, including BACS and PayPal.

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