Transcription – getting it right first time

A lot rides on getting a transcription right sometimes. We might not realise it at the time, but later on, when we come to use it, that’s the moment when we realise that it should have contained information it does not, or that it is too messy. This is why it is so important to think about the style of transcription that you want, up front. You possibly do not realise that you even have a choice. Well you do!

Warts and All:

This style of transcription is known as ‘verbatim’. If you want your transcription to be as detailed as it could possibly be, and as true to the recording then this is the option for you. It will detail all of the non-verbal information as well as the verbal. Things like laughter, coughs, ‘errs’ and ‘ums’. You name it, it will be in there. Nothing is edited out here. You will know where there was a pause, a stutter or a false start. This type of transcription is often used more in legal transcription where the information is required for legal proceedings.

A Little Bit of Adjustment:

Obviously, there are parts of a recording that really do serve no purpose and do not need to be transcribed. With transcription you pay for what you get, so you do not want to be paying for the unnecessary. A good transcription service will know exactly what to edit out to leave you with all of the content and none of the fillers. All of the things such as stutters and ‘errs’ will be removed and you will be left with exactly what was said. The editing here is only light and changes will not be made to the grammatical structure of the sentences and spoken mistakes will be included. This style of transcription is called ‘intelligent’ and is favoured by market research companies, journalists and film-makers who want a record of things such as interviews.

All of the Important Bits:

There are occasions where the transcription needs to be clean and tidy, particularly in the world of business. Having clarity and structure means that those who you are trying to communicate with can understand what you are trying to tell them quickly. Besides, presentation and appearance is everything in the business world. In this case you will not want all the fillers, and you will want the document to be factually correct to what was said. This is the type of transcription style which requires the heaviest editing. It also requires a bit of thinking and knowledge by the transcriber. This style is more often used for business purposes and presentations.

So think about what you need that transcription for. Communicate that information to your transcription service. It is important and it will ensure that you get what you want, when you want it. Contact Alphabet today to discuss your requirements.