Alphabet was created back in September 1995 and what a long way we have come

This was before the internet had taken off and we relied on Yellow Pages and mailshots to advertise.  Directories were only published yearly, so we had to make an impact. My husband was the brainchild who came up with our name; it got us to the top of the listings and away we went!

We haven’t looked back since, and have seen tremendous growth in nearly two decades of business.

The Alphabet Brand:

All those years ago we did not realise how significant our brand would become, but with transcription outsourcing increasing daily, it is very apt.  We turn the spoken word into the written word, which obviously incorporates letters of the Alphabet!  Very simple and to the point, yet highly effective when marketing our services.

When the internet became prevalent for advertising, we launched our first website and Alphabet was on view to the world, rather than in our local area.  This obviously increased our client base tenfold, and our team started to expand.

The Alphabet Team:

Alphabet has grown from being a one person business into a team of transcribers, proof readers and admin and accounts personnel.  We concentrate on working with a talented and gifted team who listen appropriately.  By this we do not just mean in the transcription process itself, but when instructions are provided, they are followed correctly.

The Alphabet Ethos:

Our ethos is to lead by example, and assist our transcribers and proof readers when working on any given project.  After all, adequate communication is vital in the virtual world of transcription.

Now it’s your turn; we’d love to hear how your company materialised and how you created your brand!

If you would like to discover how Alphabet can assist you or your organisation in the transcription process, please telephone: 01707 260027.