Recognising a reputable transcription provider made easy if you follow these simple processes

When Alphabet was established back in 1995, the internet was used infrequently.  The majority of companies dealt with local businesses and relied heavily on directories for advertising.

Now the internet is used every day, how does any client find a reputable transcription provider?

Like any business, we have ways and means of assessing a reputable transcription provider.  We’d like to share some of our knowledge gained over our years of operating, and hopefully increase people’s awareness of the dos and don’ts.

A little bit of research goes a long way:

Firstly, everyone knows word of mouth is the best way to ensure that any company or organisation provides an excellent service or product.

You can add to this by carrying out a little research on Google.  Just type in the relevant name, and hey presto, you should easily find who or what you are looking for.  To go a step further, find out who owns the company, and research the individual, etc.  This is where you can easily catch out a provider who is less than honest.  We’ve seen dozens of individuals set up transcription companies, but let’s say they haven’t been entirely honest in how they portray their company.  Some even lie, which, in turn, can give the transcription industry a ‘bad name’.

There are many companies stating that they have so-and-so amongst their client base, but ask them to provide a testimonial from these companies.  Check out the owner in more detail, and you’ll be surprised what you will find.

Make sure names and addresses tally, and if they reckon they’ve been in business for years, why are there only a few links on Google that tie in with their transcription company?  All rather suspicious, but what any client needs to be aware of.

Any reputable transcription provider should have links to social networking sites, where you will be able to see up-to-date activity.  Twitter and LinkedIn are used frequently, along with blog postings, that all adds to any organisation’s credibility.

Anyone can stick a logo on their website and deem to provide a transcription service for any company, but ask yourself the question, do they have evidence to back up these claims?

Don’t be caught out:

From our experience, companies that are not reputable will be caught out in the end.  We would just like to assist potential clients along the way, and make sure that when highly confidential material is being dealt with, it stays secure and is handled by a reputable transcription provider that is honest, reputable, and delivers a first class service.

Remember, ‘cheap’ usually means too good to be true.  You get what you pay for, and at Alphabet we are proud to deliver a transcription service with integrity, professionalism and complete honesty!

If you would like to discover how Alphabet can assist you or your organisation in the transcription process, please telephone: 01707 260027.