Look after your posture and it will thank you in the end

Anyone who works in an office environment has most likely heard the term ‘correct posture’ on countless occasions.  But how seriously do we consider our postures?

I started my working life in an office and it was very rarely mentioned.  Now, years later, we are told to take regular breaks from our workstations.  Adequate health and safety assessments need to be carried out on the equipment that we are using, and on the office chair that we sit in.

I have certainly learnt how important it is, particularly for those of us in the transcription industry, to have the use of an office chair that combats many health risks.  When I was a trainee secretary, most office chairs were cheap and cheerful and enabled you to sit at your desk.  That was about it.  They were not designed for comfort or to relieve pressure on our poor coccyx, but merely served the purpose of providing a seat to sit on, full stop.

I have bought many chairs over the years, all ranging in price, but even though the manufacturers claim that we can be seated for 12 hours at a time, this is definitely not the case.  The pressure on our spines and coccyx can become unbearable, and no matter how much padding we think will help, it often doesn’t.

I am lucky because my husband is a health and safety consultant, and regularly checks our workstations.  He was also the genius who made me invest in my faithful office chair.  I have to say I was extremely sceptical at first, because the price of the chair was almost £700, but it’s the best purchase I have ever made.  I have often worked through the night, as I’m sure many of you have, and I’m glad to say my chair is now considered a ‘friend’.

My husband kept raving about the office chairs his employer had bought for all their staff, and I was lucky to have a supplier local to Alphabet.  I went along and viewed the chair and sat in it, and on first inspection didn’t think it would make any difference.  I was certainly wrong.  The chair has been designed so that you are suspended and conforms to your contours and relieves the pressure points and heat build-up that causes the aches, pains and fatigue that people who sit all day often think are just part of the job.

I would urge everyone to assess their office chair.  My office chair certainly relieved a lot of my aches and pains.

Do you love or hate your chair?  Is it damaging your health and have you invested wisely?

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