Local Authorities reap the benefits of outsourcing

Since the economic climate has taken such a dramatic downturn, savvy Local Authorities have reaped the benefits from outsourcing their PACE transcription.  Benefit fraud has increased year-on-year and costs Councils millions.

The Difficulties:

Local Authority clients that have approached Alphabet to become their preferred transcription supplier all express the same concerns.  Their in-house personnel do not have the time or adequate experience to meet the growing demand of IUC transcription.  A secretary is only trained to a certain level and often cannot deal with the over talking, the amount of research that is required, and certainly does not have a quiet office to deal with poor audio quality or speakers with extremely heavy accents.

The Solutions:

Transcriptionists trained in verbatim transcription at Alphabet deal with these issues on a daily basis.  They are not fazed by such difficulties and work in quiet surroundings, not having to multitask in a busy office environment.  They do not have telephones constantly ringing or colleagues interrupting them, therefore accurate and timely documents are produced.

The Benefits:

Local Authorities who choose to outsource their IUC transcription benefit tenfold.  A benefit fraud transcript that is produced by Alphabet is ready to submit to a court; it is that simple.  All Local Authorities have to cut their budgets.  By combatting benefit fraud with suitable documents that are fit for purpose, verbatim transcription is the solution.

The One Local Authority client summed up our service in one word ‘perfect’, because their Fraud Investigators are always on top of their caseloads, but they still save on costs.

All decent and hardworking individuals want to see benefit fraud reduced and Alphabet is proud to assist Local Authorities by producing their quality IUC transcripts.

If you would like to discover how Alphabet can assist you or your organisation in the transcription process, please telephone: 01707 260027.