Bring more traffic to your website by transcribing your event

In today’s world, the internet is increasingly becoming the default means of doing business. As such, cleverly investing in your website is a very good idea.

In the online world, traffic to your website is everything; the value of your site is dependent upon how many people visit, and how long they stay.  Therefore, any means of increasing traffic to your website is likely to be a profitable venture.

If you have recently held or been responsible for an event that you think has the potential to really pique people’s interest, one great idea is to film the occasion and put the video on your website.  This will not only bring more people to your website, but it will hold their attention for longer while they are visiting.

This article shall look at one of the ways to best make use of a video of your event, especially in relation to increasing traffic to your website: enhancing the video by coupling it with a transcript.

Search Engine Optimisation:

As mentioned previously, traffic to your website is critical, and the primary means of increasing traffic is through Search Engine Optimisation, often abbreviated to SEO.

Most people find and discover websites through search engines, so you want to be sure that your website is properly represented. Generally speaking, the earlier and more frequently a website appears in the list of search engine results, the more traffic it will gain as a result.

One fantastic way of developing SEO is to use videos on your website; this effect is then enhanced when the video is used in conjunction with a transcript.

The Value of Videos:

Videos add a lot of value to a website for many reasons.  They directly affect your SEO in that many search engines value websites with video more highly than those without.

For example, Google will list a website with a video higher in its search results because of the assumption that a video requires a lot more time and effort to produce than standard text or graphics.  Therefore if you lack videos on your website, you may have difficulty standing out against any competitors who do feature footage.

Videos also have the added benefit of being a better means of communication than written text.  A video has the ability to present information in a more enjoyable, relaxed and easy way; it doesn’t require as much concentration, so people are more likely to stay on your website.

Videos Enhanced by Transcripts:

It has already been established that videos are an essential part of a good website and drive a lot of traffic.  Yet there is a way to enhance the existing benefits of video and improve upon them: pairing them with transcripts.  Transcribing is a skill and should only be undertaken by true professionals.

A video is great for bringing extra traffic to your website, and they count towards improved SEO.  However, when searching for specific phrases, Google prioritises results based on keywords, and sometimes videos don’t present these as effectively.

For example, if you have an article on transcription services and someone searches for ‘transcription services’ on Google, the search engine will recognise that the title and topic of your article match the keyword and hopefully bring your article up in the search results as a relevant website.  If it is more specific, such as ‘academic transcription services’, Google may find the extra keyword of ‘academic’ throughout the article itself and display the article as specifically very relevant.

However, with a video, Google will recognise the title and tags, etc., of the video but not much else in terms of content.  So even though the video may have a whole section on academic transcription services, Google will just regard the video as one concerning ‘transcription services’ thus making it only as relevant as the next general article on transcription services.

A transcript does the job of creating written text of everything said in the video which can then act as keywords to enhance SEO.  Without video transcription, a video is still considered valuable, yet the whole content of the playback of the video itself are ignored by the search engines.


If you have held a recent event and captured it on film, it is a great idea to put the video on your website to increase traffic.  However, to make full use of it, and to ensure that the actual content of the video as well as just the title are recognised by search engines, it is worthwhile having a professionally produced transcript of the video to accompany it.  Why waste such a valuable potential tool?