Transcription outsourcing replaces recruitment agencies

At some point in our working lives we have all encountered recruitment agencies in one way or another; whether by utilising their services to acquire temporary staff, by working as a temp, or even owning an agency.

Over the years we have seen a dramatic increase in ‘virtual working’, whereby clients are becoming savvy in discovering the many benefits of using transcription outsourcing, rather than a recruitment agency.

A Client’s Nightmare:

Many of our clients express a need for continuum in the transcription outsourcing service they receive, and often temps, when requested, have moved on to pastures new, or, worst-case scenario, the incorrect person has been sent to fill a post.  This obviously causes enormous headaches for any client, and when someone is not familiar with the role, the two week temporary position turns into a disaster for the permanent member of staff when they return to the office.  They end up wishing they hadn’t taken that well-deserved holiday!

During our years in business and the consultations we hold with clients, it is imperative they feel confident that their projects can be handled by transcription outsourcing professionals.  The temporary secretary will often try to do their best, but we have discovered that clients are very relieved and extremely happy that they no longer have to worry about internal staff absences or annual leave periods.  They have come to realise that by outsourcing their transcription projects, ends up much more cost effective than employing temps.

Transcription outsourcing providers build a rapport with their clients, thus work is completed when needed, members of staff in the office suffer with less stress due to a colleague’s absence, and budgets aren’t stretched, but quality documents are still produced.

You only have to look in any town and see how the numbers of leading recruitment agencies’ offices are dwindling.  This is great news for all transcription specialists, but it is also common practice in other business sectors.  The beauty of the internet enables countless sectors to reap the benefits of outsourcing.  Clients can often have smaller premises by employing less staff, therefore less HR issues arise.

Happy Clients:

With the wealth of software and operating systems available, plus freelancers working that bit harder to keep their clients happy, it is inevitable more business opportunities will develop when it comes to outsourcing.  Recruitment agencies will decline over the coming years, and ‘outsourcing’ will increase.  When you offer a professional, reliable, friendly and cost effective service, it seems a natural progression for many organisations to turn to outsourcing.

Transcription outsourcing is definitely the way forward for any smart thinking organisation, and is a business sector that has seen incredible growth.  Have your say and we’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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