Let our transcription services help you run your business

When running a business there are a lot of duties and responsibilities that need fulfilling. Due to the sheer volume, if you try to tackle them all yourself sometimes tasks can slip through the cracks or not be executed quite as well as you may have preferred.

However, when the only option is to delegate them to an already heavy-laden work force it can seem there is no viable alternative.  But there is another way. Although it’s great to have in-house talent and capability, sometimes it’s a wise decision to pass some of the responsibilities to an outside transcription services provider.

Put simply, transcribers are people who listen to a recording and turn spoken conversations into written words. It seems like a very simple job, and on the one hand it is in many ways. Yet it’s one of those tasks that need doing well and it can be deceptive over just how long the job can take.

Three particular business sectors that commonly require our assistance:


Whether it’s a recording from a Q&A session, an interview, a disciplinary hearing or a teleconference, it’s helpful to have a written account of the meeting for reference at a later date.


Should you have any legal issues arise as a business, you may need court-ready transcripts of any legal proceedings. Transcription services create accountability with written documents to back up any legal claims or statements, presented to a legally acceptable standard.

Conference and Events:

A great speaker can be the highlight of an event, and really make a difference to those listening. But what about for those who weren’t there to appreciate it or perhaps in a month or so when you need a reminder of what was said? Having a transcript of the speech gives you a written account to refer to at a later date, capturing everything that made your conference or event great.

Why Enlist a Transcription Service?

Many people may not immediately see the need for transcription services, especially if you aren’t in the habit of recording all your meetings and events. Certainly, if you have someone taking notes, then why would you need an additional transcript?

Transcription services are best used as an alternative to taking notes throughout a discussion. Instead of taking notes in response to things as they occur, there are many benefits to recording everything, then creating a transcript of things retrospectively.

One of the main benefits of transcription services is that literally nothing is missed out. Every sentence, word, stutter and cough is recorded as audio would do, so a transcriber can ensure that they capture a completely comprehensive account. As it is created using a digital audio file, a transcriber can also double check everything is entirely accurate. They can go back and check the recording as many times as they like to ensure that the transcript is as good as possible.

Not only is a transcript much more comprehensive and reliable than notes created at the time, but they also eliminate the need for a note taker. At the very least, this means one less unnecessary person in the room which can reduce costs. At best, it can mean the vital team member who would normally be preoccupied taking notes can be a more productive and useful participant at the meeting.

Benefits of Outsourcing:

Once you have been persuaded that transcription is the best method of acquiring data to accompany your meetings, events etc., you will want to make sure it’s being completed to a very high standard. As such, it really is worth considering outsourcing transcription services to a professional and specialised service provider.

It is entirely possible to handle transcription in-house, and it is feasible to complete it well. However, it can be quite a meticulous and time-consuming task, and it occupies someone from your workforce, drawing them away from other possibly more significant duties. Outsourcing alleviates this extra strain, and incidentally reduces stress for your staff.

As previously mentioned, transcription can be a meticulous job, and with a precise task it can be difficult to maintain focus and attention, and mistakes can be made. Outsourcing your transcription to a service provider who is used to the extremely high level of skill and pressure and is happy to complete this work reduces the risk of mistakes.

Finally, a professional transcriber is undoubtedly the best person for the job. Although it may be repetitious at times, it requires a number of skills which aren’t easy to acquire; it’s unlikely you will already have these amongst your staff. Therefore, if you want an accurate and well documented account, hand it over to a transcription specialist who will provide you with the highest quality transcript.


Transcription is a great tool for any business; if you don’t make use of it already then you should seriously consider it. Should you choose to use transcripts as part of your business, it is worth considering outsourcing, to ensure it is done in the best possible way by the people best qualified for the job.