HR Departments Move with the Times

There are important areas of HR work that should never be carried out in-house for legal reasons. Any recordings from meetings, including disciplinary, misconduct and grievance hearings, should be prepared by someone completely independent of the issue under discussion.

In the case of audio recordings from such meetings, a professional transcription service should be engaged to accurately document a detailed voice-to-text minute of the proceedings in complete confidence.

Fairness and Transparency

During any sensitive HR meeting, the rules of fairness and transparency must be applied – to protect an employer from any future claims from employees and to ensure any issues raised by an employee are properly recorded. In the case of grievances, misconduct allegations or disciplinaries, it is vital that the employee is allowed to present his or her case. They may be raising a concern or responding to allegations against them.

Anyone preparing a written record of audio material from such a meeting, should not be involved with any party. This, of course, includes anyone from a HR department, because their job exists to serve the interests of the employer. They would not be considered by a court or tribunal to be impartial.

Keeping it Confidential

Where there could be repercussions for others in an organisation, for example in alleged cases of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, gender inequality and grievances, expert transcription services will provide the high-level of confidentiality required.

If someone is under investigation, it makes sense that any initial documentation is prepared by an independent professional, such as those from Alphabet Transcription Specialists. It will allow HR professionals to work fairly, accurately and covertly – until a decision is made about what action, if any, should be taken. It will stop rumours from starting, protect the reputation of the company, maintain staff morale and productivity, and ensure fairness.

Responsibility and Effectiveness

There are some areas of HR work that are covered by confidentiality laws. These include personal data and performance reviews, along with background checks and even attendance records. If any of these areas are discussed in a recorded meeting, professional transcribers, not known to any of the parties involved, are best placed to keep such sensitive information completely confidential.

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