Is Your Company Going Through a Restructure?

After years of austerity, there are very few businesses, public services and organisations in the UK that have not felt the pinch. Now that technological advancements and centralisation can help corporations and organisations cut costs without diminishing quality, restructures to reflect new work flow patterns are an important step towards future growth and prosperity.

A crucial part of any restructure is careful planning. If jobs or services are at stake it is even more essential that sensitive information is dealt with discreetly, preferably outside of the organisation. Leaks, gossip and assumptions could end up costing an organisation dear. This is where Alphabet Transcription Specialists is helping private and public bodies.

Completely Independent and Secure

To avoid the premature loss of key staff, industrial action, leaks to the media, legal challenges or any other detrimental impact, it really pays to use a professional, external transcription service to provide accurate and confidential transcriptions of recorded meetings. What’s more, the complete text of audio discussions is delivered securely using encryption – so someone who shouldn’t be reading it won’t be able to.

Restructuring any organisation requires cost, asset and savings evaluations, as well as key information about potential consultations. Each of these areas can be extremely sensitive and should never be trusted to someone who could be affected by the outcome or who knows someone who will. In-house is the worst place for this type of information to be transcribed.

Reputation Management

Crucial to any restructure is the reputation of a business or organisation. To be effective, a restructure must not dilute a brand. Anything that seems to weaken a body going through a restructure, could cause more damage than making no changes at all.

That is why reputation management is vital. Alphabet Transcription Specialists understands the importance of helping a business or organisation maintain its reputation during a reorganisation. It engages the highest professional standards to protect clients’ confidential information.

Precision Planning

Because any reorganisation has the potential to reduce staff morale and productivity, a high degree of secrecy is required in the initial stages. If you haven’t considered the benefits of engaging transcription experts to accurately document speech to text, now is the right time to find out more.

Alphabet Transcription Specialists is happy to discuss, in complete confidence, any transcription proposals involving company or organisation restructures. Telephone our offices today on +44 (0) 1707 260027.