Trust in transcription is vital

One of the key aspects of a transcription service is the level of trust required between the company and their clients. We work with a wide range of different businesses and official agencies and are required to transcribe a multitude of different audio files. Some recordings are relatively mundane, minutes of a board meeting for example, but other recordings could potentially be extremely sensitive. Because of this, it is essential that clients are able to place their trust in the company doing the transcribing.

The Definition of Confidentiality:

Information classified as ‘confidential’ can fall into a number of different categories. We often work in the pharmaceutical sector, transcribing interviews or working with research teams in clinical drugs trials. As such a lot of the material that has to be transcribed may contain personal details or individually identifiable health related information. Unauthorised disclosure of this type of information is a serious offence and certain protocols have to be observed in order to ensure information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Confidential information can also be time sensitive if the audio file relates to a discussion about an event that has yet to appear in the public domain. In this instance, if the information contained therein were of political significance, it could be disastrous if it was leaked, either accidentally or maliciously. Legal transcription is another aspect of our work that is subject to confidentiality issues, particularly when the transcribed files relate to an ongoing investigation under the Witness Protection Programme.

Protecting Sensitive Information:

Before working for us, our transcriptionists all sign non-disclosure agreements. This helps to reassure clients that it is safe to hand over sensitive information. We may also be required to sign corporate confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements when working with particular clients. Again, this all goes a long way towards reassuring clients that their information is safe in our hands.

How is Confidentiality Maintained during the Transcription Process?

In the old days, the only thing people had to worry about when handling sensitive data was remembering to keep their briefcase within arm’s reach at all times. Now, thanks to modern technology, data protection has become a bit of a nightmare. But don’t worry because in accordance with the Data Protection Act and strict ‘Data Protection Principles’, we keep your information safe as houses at all times. We use state of the art encryption to protect data during electronic transmission.

Maintaining confidentiality is always a major concern when sensitive data needs to be transcribed, so it is important to use a professional transcription services company at all times. Here at Alphabet, we work hard to gain your trust, so if you need any reassurance about how we deal with confidential information, feel free to contact us today.