PACE Transcription Done Right

While a small percentage of UK police forces are pioneering digital recordings of interviews with suspects and witnesses, the vast majority are still using old C90 cassette tapes for PACE transcription – for security reasons. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) makes a number of stipulations with regard to recorded interviews, including those undertaken by local authorities and other bodies. One of them is that cassettes must be sealed in front of interviewees and their legal representatives at the end of an interview.

There are further stipulations about who, and under what circumstances, a seal can be broken and who may have copies of original recordings. Transcription specialists are among a very small number of professionals who routinely handle copies of recorded interviews.

PACE Transcription is Not for Amateurs

Transcribing recorded interviews, video evidence and material from covert operations is a potential minefield for those not familiar with PACE guidelines. Impartiality and confidentiality, as well as ensuring data is always kept totally secure, are paramount. Any breach of PACE legislation can cause a case to collapse or for an investigation to be compromised.

Who Needs PACE Transcriptions?

Alphabet Transcription Specialists provide a trusted PACE transcription service to local authorities, police forces, trading standards, health and safety organisations, forensic scientists, laboratories, barristers and law firms.

Our services are highly valued in cases such as benefit and insurance fraud, in-house investigations, breaches of health and safety regulations, covert investigations and many other scenarios. Because PACE guidelines must always be met, we ensure our service exceeds the standards set by legislation.

Digital recordings are also starting to be used frequently in PACE interviews. We still ensure the same levels of accuracy, but clients can upload securely to our online portal. This saves on time.

Maintaining the integrity of PACE Data

Alphabet uses PACE transcription units to turn off timecodes, spoken by an automated voice over police recordings at set intervals. The timecodes are integrated into recordings as standard and can make it very difficult for someone, without the necessary equipment and trained ear, to produce an accurate transcription.

To keep data secure, Alphabet uses 256-bit encryption to offer clients the highest levels of online security. Files that can be accessed, via protected client portals, are completely safe, offering total peace of mind.

More about PACE Transcription Services

If you want to know more about Alphabet’s PACE transcription service, talk to a member of our team, in complete confidence, for no obligation advice. We can be contacted on +44 (0) 1707 260027.