Transcription and our license to listen

James Bond might lead a glamorous life. But it is fair to say that most transcriptionists don’t spend their working day driving around in an Aston Martin or sipping dry martinis on expensive yachts. Although they probably wish they did!

As we all know, James Bond is only a fictional character. But despite this there are plenty of parallels between spies and those who provide transcription services. So just in case you were wondering if the people working at your favourite transcription company are living a shady double life of espionage, here are a few crossovers.

Listening to Covert Recordings:

Planting hidden listening devices is all part and parcel of working as a spy. James Bond had access to all kinds of cool gadgets designed by Q Branch in order to trap his quarry.

Transcriptionists don’t need to slip covert listening devices in plants or telephone handsets. But they are often required to transcribe audio files obtained via these means.

Secrets and Lies:

A spy is used to keeping secrets. Their whole life is a tangled web of intrigue. National security depends on their ability to keep secrets from those around them.

Transcriptionists are also required to keep secrets. We are bound by confidentiality agreements and adhering to strict security protocols is very important when transcribing sensitive information containing personal data.

Classified Information:

Keeping secrets and protecting classified information is all part and parcel of being a spy. A spy is required to sign the Official Secrets Act in order to maintain national security. If they accidentally (or deliberately) allowed classified information to fall into the wrong hands, it would be disastrous and people’s lives could be at stake.

Transcriptionists sometimes have to transcribe information that is not yet common knowledge. In most cases national security is not at stake, but we still need to treat the file as if it were.

Working Behind the Scenes:

Everyone is familiar with James Bond. He is the archetypal spy: handsome, suave and easily recognisable. But James Bond is a fictional character and real-life spies are rarely as easy to spot. In most cases, spies are your typical man or woman on the street and you probably wouldn’t be able to pick one out from a line-up. This allows them to work away behind the scenes without attracting unwanted attention.

Transcriptionists are no different. We are required to work behind the scenes for our clients, transcribing speeches from conferences, minutes of board meetings, and all kinds of other essential audio files. This makes us just as indispensable as the man from MI6.

Alphabet’s transcriptionists are definitely not spies. But we can help you with your confidential audio files or classified information. So if you want to find out more about our transcription services, please contact us today.