The devil is in the detail of conference call transcription

Sitting in on conference calls is part and parcel of business life. Some would argue that the majority of conference calls are a big waste of time, but if you have some issues to discuss with clients and colleagues and not everyone is in the same building, a conference call can be a useful way of participating in a group discussion.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems with conference calls is that there is often so much going on that it can be difficult to keep up with what is being said and by whom. In an ideal world, only one person at a time would speak. Sadly, this is rarely the case and if you have a group of highly excitable people all trying to get a word in edgeways, it isn’t unheard of for a multi-participant conference call to descend into absolute chaos.

Keeping Notes:

In the good old days, if an important meeting was planned a secretary would have attended and been given the task of taking detailed notes of what was said and by whom. Imagine a ‘Mad Men’ type of scenario: lots of fast-talking men in sharp suits and an efficient secretary with a notepad and pencil sitting quietly in the corner of the room, rapidly writing everything she hears in shorthand.

Of course that may still happen in some meeting rooms, although there are just as likely to be women executives sitting at the boardroom table as there are men. These days, however, hiring a professional transcription service to make sense of conference calls is a far better option. Asking an inexperienced member of staff to transcribe a hectic conference call with participants from several different continents can be a time consuming and difficult task.

Reasons Why Transcribing a Conference Call is a Sensible Solution:

You won’t miss anything important

Since a lot of people don’t wait their turn to speak in conference calls, there is a very real danger that you will miss something crucial. Using a professional transcription service to transcribe a conference call means everything that was said will be written down in black and white.

Keep accurate records of the conversation

It may be politic to keep an accurate record of the conference call, especially if the subject matter is at all sensitive. Transcription services will ensure you are covered for every eventuality.

Don’t worry if you miss something

If your mind is elsewhere while the call is taking place, all you have to do is read back through the conference call transcription and you will know as much as everyone else.

Alphabet has your conference calls covered, so if you require conference call transcription, please contact us today.