5 simple steps to achieve your desired outcome

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an organised individual or not. By following our 5 simple steps you will achieve your desired outcome for successful transcription project planning.

Source the right transcription company

The first place to start is by sourcing the right transcription company. This can be a difficult task if you do not know what to look for. We have made this process extremely simple by compiling a free guide to assist you. It goes into detail about what you should be looking for. It also outlines important elements that could cause you problems.

Make comparisons properly

When you feel confident that you have chosen a few transcription companies that seem to offer the service you require, start making some comparisons. If company A offers a really cheap rate, ask yourself why? If company B can deliver an extremely fast turnaround, start to question whether the transcripts are proofread adequately. If company C doesn’t communicate very well, could this cause an issue?

Discuss your requirements adequately

Once you have decided on one or two companies that could definitely fulfil your criteria, make sure you outline what your project is about. It doesn’t have to be reams and reams of information, but some basics will suffice. Things such as how many speakers, subject matter, turnaround required, how many recordings will be submitted and their length. If you have presentations, delegate lists, agendas or crib sheets, these can all be forwarded ahead of schedule.

Don’t forget to book your project

One of the key fundamentals to any transcription project is making sure you book a slot with your transcription company. This is key, especially if you plan on submitting a large amount of recordings. It is common sense, you wouldn’t turn up at your garage and just expect them to service your car! This is a good opportunity to also raise and supply any purchase order numbers or project codes to your transcription company.

Last but not least

A day or two before the project is due to commence, drop your transcription company a quick email to confirm that you will be uploading shortly. Also, if for some reason your project gets cancelled or delayed, you need to relay this information. We are all busy, but it doesn’t take a minute to pass on this change of plan.

By incorporating these transcription project planning tips into your schedule, you’ll end up with a seamless workflow.

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