Mediation matters and should be documented accordingly

In today’s world where disputes often occur, mediation is used as an intervention to solve such issues. Any organisation can employ the services of independent consultants offering such a service, which hopefully leads to a resolution. Many companies have their own HR departments where mediation is recommended on a frequent basis. The whole point is to get the parties talking. By coming up with solutions to problems or complaints, oftentimes disputes can be worked through amicably.

Mediation can involve a whole group of people who have a problem with just one person. Sometimes there can be just a couple of individuals who aren’t getting along. Whatever the need for mediation, it is one of the best ways to clear the air. Therefore it’s right and proper to put into place a suitable means of documenting the sessions.

Hassle free recordkeeping

If you choose the mediation route, who wants to worry about scribbling down notes. Concentration is paramount and everyone wants to be heard fairly. Often work colleagues can be stressed or the atmosphere can be fraught with tension. It is a sensible and discrete option if meetings are recorded in an appropriate fashion. By implementing such a simple step will make for easy referral methods later down the line.

Once you have made the decision to record all mediation sessions, then it is time to decide on what you will do with the recordings. Realistically, it’s not always a good idea for people to sit and listen to the recordings themselves. This could invoke some hostility if voices are raised or people don’t agree with each other. After all, the whole point of mediation is to reach a mutual goal or objective. But there is a much better alternative.

Everyone is happy

Use a company to transcribe the recordings. It is far better to use a transcription services provider who will turn your meetings into excellent reference points. All who attend the mediation sessions will be able to digest, at their leisure, what plans and strategies are going to be implemented. They can refresh their memories if they forget certain aspects. Make notes to bring to further meetings. All-in-all, it is the most sensible way to make sure that things are followed through.

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