Graduate Recruitment Challenge Does Not Have to Be Painful

There are lots of B2B organisations offering new, and often expensive, solutions to the rising challenge of recruiting graduates. It’s easy to see why. On average, employers spend 112 hours filling each graduate vacancy. Sound a lot? Well, it is set to get worse.

More and more graduates are seeking fewer jobs, posing a real challenge for those needing to fill vacancies quickly. How can the best candidates, those without a mismatch of soft skills, be identified and brought to interview before they find a job elsewhere?

Smarter, Quicker Graduate Recruitment

Smarter, quicker recruitment processes are needed to meet ever-increasing candidate expectations, as well as business demands to meet productivity targets.

This is where transcription services come in. Recorded telephone interviews require no new, expensive technology and can be quickly and professionally transcribed by experts – giving recruiters an overall picture to make informed decisions, without a long wait.

Best Candidate Experience

Graduates need to be engaged, and employers who use modern recruitment methods are more likely to offer the best candidate experience.

Using the telephone interview technique cuts out the need to schedule video link-ups. It also saves time and requires no staff training. Interviews can be conducted simply and effectively, with no need to invest large sums of money in new software.

Benefits of Transcribed Interviews

Quality candidates can be identified quickly, ensuring those suitable can be brought to interview at the earliest opportunity. It’s efficient, saving time and money by reducing the screening process. The simplicity of recorded telephone interviews is a key factor when considering talent attraction and talent engagement.

The Graduate Challenge

Why do you need to change the way you recruit graduates? Gartner, formerly the CEB, says “One in five graduates apply for jobs that do not match their interests. One in four say they are unlikely to remain in their first employment beyond 12 months. Up to 65% of applications do not meet basic requirements and recruiters take up to 30% longer to select candidates for new positions.”

How is your organisation going to find the right candidate when up against the issues listed above?

Act Now and Save Time

Do not wait until your organisation is bogged down with more and more graduate applications. Consider implementing a recorded telephone interview system now and save time. Your business will benefit and so will candidates.

To find out more about how transcription services can benefit your graduate recruitment, contact Alphabet Transcription Specialists today on +44 (0) 1707 260027.