Has your company been a victim of fraud?

In this article we explain how transcription can appropriately document the recorded evidence that has been gathered.

An Alarming Fact:

Throughout the globe a fraud of some kind is committed every second.  An alarming fact, but all too commonplace.  Organisations, whether large or small, continually strive to keep this wrongful deception out of their workplaces.  It can happen to anyone when we least expect it.  Another’s intentions to achieve financial or personal gain costs companies billions.

It never ceases to amaze us at how much time, money and effort is spent trying to combat such an increasing problem.  Whether you are a large corporate with thousands of staff, or a small business, fraud is on everyone’s radar.  We talk to clients regularly who are having to implement new strategies to try and overcome this issue.

Don’t Be Frustrated:

Investigations take months or years to reach a conclusion.  Many frustrations are encountered along the way.  But when a client comes to Alphabet with the recordings they’ve captured, they realise how vital our transcripts become to their case.  If legal proceedings commence, highly accurate material is always required.

This is where an experienced and competent transcription company is invaluable.  We ask for specific information to form the foundations of our transcripts.  We then proceed by listening to the recordings and turning them into exceptionally accurate accounts of what we hear.  Our templates are designed in such a way they are court-ready for submission.  Very simple processes, but fundamental in often complex legal battles.

Any business sector could potentially be open to fraud.  If this is something you are constantly battling with or find you become the victim of, you will now be aware that transcription is a key component you will require to fight your case.  No one wants to discover their written evidence has been compiled incorrectly.  Even worse, the case is lost down to inaccuracies in a transcript.  These are pitfalls that can be avoided.

We Can Help:

It doesn’t matter whether your organisation has a large securities or HR department or you only have a handful of staff, fraud doesn’t discriminate.  Valuable assets need to be recouped somehow.  This is where our skilled and dedicated team decipher your recordings, assisting you in achieving your desired outcome.  Usually a prosecution, dismissal or however you wish to take the matter forward.

All companies deserve to bring fraudsters to book.  Organisations who invest the time and money in covert operations, conduct PACE interviews or travel around the globe to collect evidence, should have a written account to rely on.  Our clients, over the years, span a very wide range of industries.  We like to know we put the finishing touches to an investigation, but one of the most important parts: producing a precise verbatim transcription.

Don’t leave your transcriptions to chance, but utilise the services of an experienced team.  Fraud needs to be curtailed and with the right approach, we can help in the legalities you will face.